As a teen, my financial goal was to have an awesome car. In my early 20’s, that goal shifted to having an epic pad. Now in my 30’s, all I want to enough money to not waste time and be with my family and young son as much as possible. Looking to my future, I will want stability.

Financial goals change in each season of life. If I would have won the lottery in my early 20’s, I would have a lifted truck and a “Cribs” worthy bachelor pad. Pretty much anything to impress girls and my peers (I now know that was some seriously flawed thinking but that is a thought for a different article.) Now, it is a daily struggle to escape the cubicle. As we mature and flow into different seasons of life, our financial goals can change…. and that is okay.


If you asked me what my major goals in life are today, I still would say being a good father and husband, but also retiring after my children are financially independent, writing powerful things that reach people and giving myself the longest, healthiest life that I can.

Here’s the truth: goals change. The big things we want in life right now are going to gradually shift over time. We’ll find ourselves drifting away from big goals and drifting toward other big goals. Our lives change, and who we are changes, too. Some threads might remain in common, of course, because people typically have core values that don’t change, but the actual goals themselves are so often shaped by the changing of life.