Growing up, I had a passion for snowboarding. Looking back on it now, it really taught me a bunch of different life lessons. Some of my first experiences with fitness, finance and projecting a successful mindset were on the slopes. Snowboarding will be a frequent activity that I will reference over the course of this blog series.

Jake Burton was the founder of Burton Snowboards and a pioneer of the sport. Burton Snowboards had the premier products and team riders. In every magazine, every video, every contest, the pros were riding Burton Snowboards . Jake was a person who did what he loved and spread his passion with others, undoubtably touching countless lives.

November 20, 2019, Jake passed away at the age of 65. This gave me pause and touched me emotionally. It made me think of Jake’s life and how it impacted me. Then I came to a profound realization.

Jake was 65 when he passed away. At the current time, most American’s are looking to retire at 65 or later. Jake lived his passion and made that his life’s work. Here I am sitting in a cubicle and grinding to create someone elses dream. What if I worked until I was 65 and passed away just before retiring and never really got to do the things I was planning on? Why am I waiting until I retire or when my son grows up or even tomorrow to start following my passion? I have wants, needs and dreams today. Why wait until tomorrow.

Live today like you mean it. Could following your passion be risky, dangerous or make you uncomfortable? Absolutely. Could following you passion bring you joy, purpose and satisfaction in your life? Absolutely. What is the bigger risk then? Not taking a chance and staying safe on the shore or going for it and KNOWING that you gave it your all in this one chance at life we all have. You cannot live in fear of tomorrow. Your future is not a given.

Tell my wife and son that I love them today. Be aggressive about my passion today. Take charge of your life and create the world you want today. Live the legacy you want to leave while on this planet today.

Do not wait until tomorrow.