It just so happens that I am writing this post on January 2, 2020. This is not some type of new years resolution post.

I was talking with some old friends from high school, about New Years Eve in 1999 going into 2000. I was in grade 11 and thought I had the world figured out. HA. It was fun to look back on what absolute knuckleheads we were.

A couple of those guys went on to be successful in their respective fields. Some stayed in our small hometown and made their lives right there. A couple of us have kids and one had been married and divorced. All of us still have an immature streak. After our reminiscing was done I couldn’t help to think that the past was really all we had in common. This was a group of people who I spent more time with in my teen years than my parents. A group of people who really shaped my young, adolescent mind. We all grew up together, learning from each other’s mistakes and triumphs. Now, 20 years later, all we have is our memories.

Lets look a little bit further. These people are not in my life consistently for one reason or another. What was the reason for that? They just do not add value any more. For the time and place we all came together, these people were paramount. Now, we have all moved on to different paths, passions and trials where it was necessary to find other people to surround ourselves with. I certainly wouldn’t ask my high school friends financial advise. On the other hand, I am sure those guys would not ask me how to deal with their teenage child.

It is important to get out of your comfort bubble. Expand your horizon and seek to extract new knowledge from new people. You run the risk of getting trapped in an echo chamber of ideas if you only hang out with like minded people for too long. Take stock of the value the people around you in your life give you and decide where you would like to make changes if necessary.

The lesson that I took from this conversation is that people will come and go in your lifetime. Every person will have a value for that specific time and place in your life. My high school friends were exactly what I needed 20 years ago but today, we have outgrown each other… and that is a GOOD thing! We looked back and appreciated the value of our time together and took stock of how much we have changed.