Probably two of the most used thoughts to incentivize working out are “get abs” and “look good naked”. Cool. Of course, everyone wants abs and to look good naked but there are plenty of other motivations for hitting the gym. This article, from Byrdie, lists 8 benefits other than the tired, physical reasons for getting active. Personally, I feel that I reap amazing sleep and more mental awareness from going to the gym.

Looking good in the mirror is too easy of a reason to just stay home. It is easily put out of your mind and on the back burner. Connecting a different health benefit may help you stay motivated. Release some endorphins, reduce your stress and get out there and get moving!


I’ve seen so many headlines promising to whittle my waist, banish my fat, and eliminate flab.

Such rhetoric is detrimental to the entire industry and subsequent community, one that is meant to help you stay healthy and feel good above all else.

So, I thought, why not come up with all the reasons to work out that have nothing to do with getting a date or losing 14 pounds in two weeks for the sake of someone else’s idea of what looks good? There are real, science-backed claims that find spending time at the gym to give you more energy, help with productivity and mental clarity, aid in deeper, more restful sleep, better skin, and meeting new people, to start. And here’s the thing: You’re allowed to want to look good naked. There’s no issue in wanting to show off a body you worked hard for. It’s only vital to remember that “good” is a subjective term, and no one but you can define it.