Everyone has a phone. We are tied to them. Social media, email, text messages, these phones control our lives.

With such a small, handheld device playing such a big part of the way we interact with the world, it is important to understand what it is that you are actually consuming. What are you taking in while you are hunched over, staring at this little, electronic box?

“The eyes are the window to the soul” is a pretty common metaphor. It is supposed to mean that you can tell a lot about a person through looking into their eyes. But what if we spin this metaphor a different way? What if we take it to mean what you see with your eyes, becomes a part of you, part of your soul. The world you create for yourself can heavily be influenced by the materials you read and the images you see.

The world is filled with completely unfiltered content at your fingertips, both useful and harmful. We live in a generation where the availability of information is so accessible, for a very low cost and almost instant. If you can think it, you can search it.

Just a few decades ago, if I wanted to learn how to change my oil in my car, I would have to buy a book or learn from an expert. Now you can have that information served up to you via YouTube in a nanosecond. It is truly amazing the information that humans can exchange with one another.

So with all this available information out there just waiting to be consumed, what are we doing with it? Are you consuming valuable content to advance and enrich your life? Learning a new skill, reading topics that will take you to the next level, online classes and seminars, motivational social accounts can put you into an alpha mindset. Time wasters like comparing on social, porn and celebrity gossip are not providing value and can actually be doing a great deal of harm.

Some people have created a world for themselves where they live for “likes” and approval from strangers, their mood is determined by the latest Kardashian news, their sex life standard is coming from PornHub or they are keeping up with the Facebook Jones’. This is a content problem. Now, these are pretty extreme examples but I am sure everyone out there can relate to some degree.

Now I am not saying you need to only listen to educational podcasts or strictly use only financial and budgeting apps. The entertainment value of the internet cannot be understated. The stress relief of taking a break to watch sports highlights or a funny viral video is amazing. There is a line, however. Wasting time online also means you are taking time away from living your actual life. With such limited time on this earth what you consume should reflex added benefit and enhancement to your life and not detract or affect you negatively… you are in control of what you consume at the end of the day.

As are you consuming valuable content and improving your life or blasting toxic nonsense at your face as fast as the wifi will get it to you?