Get battlefield ready with this awesome workout. This plan from has it all. It incorporates some compound lifts, load carries, body weight and cardio among other exercises to get you in top shape. The military has really moved to a more scientific approach as opposed to a “push-ups til death” training regime. This is a great mix that takes recovery time and overuse into consideration. Don’t get caught in the chow line when the zombie apocalypse pops off…. now drop and give me 20.

Spot Me Bro

How can the modern military take so many average men and women to the pinnacle of physical fitness? No – it’s not all about driving the body to the point of breaking day after day anymore. According to some of the West’s top military trainers, it’s more about science than ever.

Now, the old way to train soldiers was brutal and in hindsight, slightly archaic. PT’s would have their personnel exercise to the point of complete exhaustion on a regular basis. High-rep circuits and long-distance slogs made their joints crumble, tendons sever, and guts puke. It did work (somewhat) but there was a huge cost – a high percentage of soldiers suffered overuse injury before they even stepped foot on the battlefield.

The old-school “more of more” mantra took its toll – times needed to change. With today’s advancements in sport science we understand that more isn’t always more, it’s often less. We’d already seen shifts in mindset among NFL and NBL coaches paying off on the field; was it time to put the same protocols in place for soldiers?