I can tell you this… I have never been closer to stabbing someone than when I witnessed a fellow gym goer surround himself with the dumbbells of 40, 50 and 60lbs to do incline chest press. He had his headphones blasting and grunted with every rep. Once he was done, he stared me and the other lifters in the area with a scowl on his face like he was just about to enter a UFC octagon. Then he marched over to the bench press and continued this sad display, leaving his weights and a nasty sweat mark in his wake. Do not be this guy. Have respect for the gym and the other gym goers. Gym Karma is real!

Men’s Health

From millennials to old-school bros to WOD heroes to wannabe “fitfluencers,” the gym is no longer just a place for working out. It’s a comedy of manners, a behavioral petri dish, Instagram come to life. And if folks annoy you where you work out, you just won’t work out. But we have the fix: We surveyed some 1,300 gymgoers about their pet peeves and then crafted these guidelines.