What does being “rich” really mean? I grew up in the 90’s so my idea of rich as a kid was what I saw in rap videos. Big houses, flashy cars and tons of chicks in bikinis. That is what I thought rich was as I was growing up. As I got into college, I realized that I still wanted to be rich but didn’t need designer clothes and bling. I did, however, associate being rich and the material things it could bring, as happiness. Now that I am older, married and a new father, I realize that that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am moving in a positive direction with my finances but far from “baller” rich. I realize that I am rich in health, humility and love. Those are things that you cannot put a price on. Rich is finding what is truly important to you and putting yourself in a position to follow that passion. Great article here (and his entire website is awesome so check it out) about this very topic which is near and dear to my heart.

Mr. Money Mustache

But now that I’ve got you imagining a glossy and pampered douchebag, barking orders at my live-in assistant and personal stylists before I climb into a white-leather Lexus to roll down to the marina, I should mention a few additional details.

All this incredible luxury occurs within my small house on the train tracks, tucked into a less-than-gentrified neighborhood at the corner of a less-than-world-class city. When I sit at that kitchen table, I gaze out at a shitty pergola structure that really needs the first available appointment with my fire pit, which covers a sadly undersized side patio, which is currently the only outdoor living space on my postage stamp sized lot.