This idea of “success” is basically why I started this blog. I had felt like I was stuck. Like I was not living the life that I should be. I was having some success at work, purchased a home and was learning lots about finance but still felt like I had a huge hole left to fill.

This was not a new feeling to me. I had felt this way since I was in high school. I felt like there had to be more to life than to follow the path of work hard, get a good job, buy things and retire at 67. No way. That is not what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to trade my time in a cubical to be able to afford the latest fashion or to be able to chase the latest trend.

I wanted to take control of my own life and live the way I wanted to. Not by what was the “norm” in America. Time is really the greatest currency we have. Use it wisely….


The reason you don’t feel alive is because you aren’t alive. You’re merely going through the motions in a fast-paced, consumer-centered culture that has transformed our once beautiful land into an asphalt wasteland strewed with digital billboards, fast food joints, soulless malls, and complete carnage.

Your constant craving for objects and status (the American way) has robbed your life of its freedom and creative zest. You live routine and stressed and you’re chained to a sluggish and predictable way of living.

The less you are inwardly the more you feel the need to buy buy buy. And the more you buy the more hours you need to put in at a useless job that has your stomach riddled with ulcers. Or you go deeper into debt. Or likely both.