Empowerment and the mindset it creates can change your life. Empowerment can take many forms and stem from many different actions. The over all goal is to self analyze and take steps toward realizing your true self.

Personally, empowerment took the form of realizing that I could change my situation just by changing the way I looked at life. The changes were small at first. They took time to recognize. Ultimately, I had to break the negative feedback loops I was stuck in. This was no easy task but practice makes perfect. Being intentional and aware of your actions are the bedrock of empowerment. Any time you allot toward working on empowering yourself is time well spent.

The article below lists the ABCs of empowerment. A great list to spark ideas to begin your self empowerment transformation.


As someone who is deeply immersed in personal development leadership and mindset mastery, I also know there are very practical and tangible ways we can make this time a little easier and more positive.

As a result of going back to basics, I’ve used the past five months to spend time with my loved ones, appreciate the pause and quiet, complete two new workout programs, and make progress on a number of professional goals that I wouldn’t have been able to tackle had I been dwelling on the negative.

Trust me, anyone can go back to basics. It’s all about setting an intention and following through daily with consistency and discipline. And even working on just one of these will make a significant shift in your mindset mastery.