5.84 is the number of years the average person will spend at work over their lifetime.

According to the US Census Bureau the average age of retirement in the US is 63. On the flip side of that coin, the average age of a college student graduating with their undergrad degree is 23. This leaves the average work life of a person with a college degree at around 40 years.

How many years are we working?!?!

If a person worked 8 hours a day with the standard 1280 hours over the year (accounting for 10 holidays and 10 days of vacation). Broken down into 24 hours days, that is 53.33 DAYS out of your year that you are working.

It gets worse. Using the numbers above, over a 40 year work life, that number grows to 51,200 hours or 5.84 YEARS. 5.84 years of sitting in front of that computer. 5.84 years of answering that phone. 5.84 years of driving that long haul trailer. 5.84 years of meetings, emails and deadlines. That is enough to make you pull your hair out.

In comparison, look at the development that takes place in human life over that same time period. A person is born, learns to crawl, then walk, then speak and will just about be reading in that same time frame.

Crack is whack… but what about cubicles?

According to the Anti Drug Abuse Act of 1986, there is a mandatory 5 year Federal prison sentence for anyone in possession of 100 grams of heroin, 500 grams of cocaine or 5 grams of crack cocaine. So basically, over a 40 year work life, you would be logging more time in the office than your local crack dealer would be doing upstate.

This has to open your eyes. That rat race can’t be for you. It has to light a fire for you to put full effort in taking control of your finances and your life. What are you going to do this week to make your future better? What are you going to do to knock some time served off your bid in the clink? 5.84 years is a long time to be trapped in that cell so many of us call a cubicle.