I began this blog from a place of ignorance.

I had an idea for this site and what I wanted my readers to be able to gain from it. It was essentially this, to gain knowledge of finance, fitness and a positive mindset to improve their life. This is still core philosophy of The Alpha Path. What I was ignorant about was how much this website would change ME as a person.

When I began to curate articles for this site, I had a complete shift in mindset just from consuming so much of the content. I began to see that my path was a lot longer, darker and harder than I had ever anticipated. I knew, however, that the further along I got on the journey, I would come closer to becoming the man that I knew had been dwelling within me since birth. The man that my wife and son deserve and the man that I had always known but never dared to acknowledge. This personal growth is not easy. At the end of the day, it is a path that you must travel alone.

This site is to help create a community of support and knowledge sharing but the day to day decisions of how you implement this gained knowledge is up to the individual. There are times when the going is good, and it feels amazing. There are also times when it feels like you may have made a mistake and need to get back in touch with why it was important to make a change. Something brought you to seek out this knowledge. Following the path is a very basic event but essentially, it is changing the bedrock of your belief system. There will be some push back, naturally, when working on a new and different ethos. Personal growth is not easy… but worth the effort every time.

I am not ahead or behind anyone from a self mastery perspective. Each person’s path is different. It has different twists and turns. Also, every person progresses at different rates and for different reasons. Progress is progress. The point is that you are moving forward. That being said, I present this material as a fellow traveler and not as a Sherpa guide. Let’s take this journey together, along the Alpha Path.