Self discipline is a crucial part of making serious gains in the gym and also in life. Discipline takes a lot of mental focus and habit building to really become integrated into your daily routine. One of the best strategies I have learned to make discipline easier to achieve is by removing the barriers that hinder success. Basically, limiting your choices.

This is a great article here by that highlights the battle within yourself with stress and fatigue. Stress and fatigue have a huge role in self discipline and how constant you are with achieving your goals.


Lots of people want to start the fitness conversation with talking about self-discipline, but for me, it’s definitely not step one. Instead, I like to start by trying to create an environment where every iota of self-discipline will have a better chance to succeed. This starts with facing what I call the “twin enemies” of self-discipline: stress and fatigue.

Why start here? Stress and fatigue work synergistically to erode your ability to work hard and delay immediate gratification, so anything you can do to reduce them—and/or increase your resiliency to them—should be considered a high priority. Let’s address them one at a time.